Comments below are from anonymous workshop evaluations collected in 2017 and 2018. Represented are graduate and undergraduate students from University of Illinois - Chicago, Colorado State University, and Naropa University.


The most valuable aspect of the workshop was...

Having a comfortable space to share our thoughts and experiences.

How we discussed issues related to immigration and what we can do. Listening to others.

How inclusive it was about everyone’s circumstances.

I was able to practice listening, and to appreciate other viewpoints.

Hearing personal stories and the games and activities were fun to do.

I felt vulnerable and also came to question myself and assumptions, mostly in terms of my wording - words don't say it as well as I felt I was able to say accurately when we were acting.

All of it was amazing!

The dynamics in this playful exercise happen in real life! I was weary and nervous at first, but then opened up.

Working as a group to display images of feelings and events.

The vulnerability and openness that occurred through the practice.

The interactive-ness of how things operated. I think everyone took away valuable lessons and can apply it to their daily life.

Putting my body out there to interpret my words.

The community fostered through honest expression.

Acknowledging different perspectives of the same thing.

Using acting and monologue to express emotions. You don’t have to be an expert in the area.

The communication and connectivity everyone had.



What did you learn from this workshop and/or how will you take this work into your life?

That everyone can make a difference.

That not everything is black & white.

How to help other immigrants & be involved politically.

How to handle power scenarios and different ways to help people.

I learned that many people around me are very very hurt by their past but their current demeanor shows so much confidence & strength which I admire. I learned that as a child of an immigrant, coming to events like these allow me to learn & understand my parents especially since they do not really share the immigration story with me. This is my way of understanding where & how immigrants feel. I want to be a support.

I will learn to listen, and also not so easily say "Oh, I can imagine."

Being able to share my experiences more.

The importance of play.

Implement in my work-research with communities.

A way of asking questions to dig deeper in conversations with others in the future.

Small history of theatre of the oppressed, activities that help connect a group, details of the immigrant journey, the power we collectively have.

To really value others and for sure I will always continue to do so in my life.

I would love to see how this can be incorporated into a therapy session.

Pay attention to the whole person. Be in the moment.

Making space for movement, silence, and pushing comfort zones ALL within safety.

Another way of understanding & being open to the complexity of someone's experiences & struggles.

How powerful acting/observing a situation can be and how much is involved that you just don't see on the surface.

I would like to utilize this one day in my practice! Very powerful.

I was skeptical at first. I feel that this work is truly transformative and has aspects that are more powerful than individual therapy sessions.

That many people have experiences they carry with them all the time and an internal dialogue that holds them back.

I learned that fear has many faces and will be more conscious of that.

It's okay to be vulnerable.

Changing form changes everything... if I can learn to change my body to amplify my meaning, my words will resound more strongly.

We all have a lot more in common than we think.

I learned that I can express myself without fear or reservations increasingly moving forward.

I learned to notice body language but not assume I always know what it means.


Any suggestions to improve this workshop and/or make it more accessible?

No, it was perfect 

Maybe have a slightly larger setting so more can participate

None come to mind, very good workshop

Larger space, more time

You did a great job - thanks for your authenticity and heart!

Nope it was a great event

That was great and well-facilitated. Thank you!

None - it was amazing from beginning to end!

Very well taught!!!

Overall - 110% loved it!