Dairy Arts Center, Boulder, CO, September 2018
Created by Amy Buckler Rusterholz, Victoria Pilar Gonzalez, Stephanie San German, and Teresa Veramendi
Written by Teresa Veramendi
Directed by Amy Buckler Rusterholz and Teresa Veramendi
Lighting Design by Brian Miller
Costume Design by Chaney McCullouch
Illustration and Videography by Z Bass Speaks
Sound Design by Alison Caw and J. Michael Martinez
Set & Props Design by Amy Buckler Rusterholz and Teresa Veramendi

A bilingual, documentary-style theater piece following the parallel and divergent experiences of youth and monarch butterflies on their migrations across the USA-Mexico border. Script constructed from over thirty anonymous interviews collected in Texas, California, Colorado, Illinois, and Chicago.

Photos by Brian Miller
Videos by David Alkire and T.A.P. Studios