A bilingual, documentary-style theater piece following the parallel and divergent experiences of youth and monarch butterflies on their migrations across the USA-Mexico border. Constructed from over thirty anonymous interviews collected in Texas, California, Colorado, Illinois, and Mexico. Development sponsored by Boedecker Foundation Path to Excellence Grant and Naropa University.


By Any Other Name

An immersive, interactive, and multilingual performance about intercultural (mis)understanding and the untranslatable elements of culture and language. By Any Other Name integrated ritual, dance, and song into a unique work created collaboratively with an international cast of Japanese, South African, and Spanish descent.


Meeting Manzano

One woman show about the various versions and translations of the first slave autobiography in history, written by Cuban free man Juan Manzano.

Vincent's Yellow

A full-length autobiographical/biographical play rich with dance and original music about the life-changing relationship between the artist and her mentor-in-letters, Vincent van Gogh, throughout several years of research and travel in the US, Netherlands, Switzerland, and France. Character of Vincent spoke only in direct quotes from his letters. Site specific performance in artist loft.


Crumbs in the Dark

Adaptation of original poetry written by poet Travis Klempan for outdoor site-specific performance.


Machine Breaks Down, People Rise Up

A street musical allegory for the US financial recession of 2008 utilizing economic choreography and audience participation.


Now (For Something Completely Different)

Full length improvisation of movement, song, acting, and text creation, directed by Steve Wangh


Silk, Fog, Ink, Foam

Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet where the dream worlds of Ophelia, Claudius, Gertrude, and Hamlet collide.


Theatre of the Oppressed Workshops

Workshops led by Veramendi with various communities.